The sun is shining!

OK, so this post is going to be super cheesy (and now I’m wondering to myself how many blog posts are going to start with, “Ok, so …”).

The Seder last nice was lovely and a lot of fun, but I woke up with a big ‘ole chip on my shoulder about something that happened at the Seder. One of my synagogue-employee pet peeves is that when I am at a holiday celebration with the congregation and, it never fails, someone comes up to me to talk about business – synagogue finances, upcoming scheduling, the number of trash bags remaining before in our supply closet. I have heard of other Jewish professionals who wear t-shirts that say, “REMEMBER: It’s my Shabbat too,” or something to that effect. I’m not so bold/passive-aggressive to wear a t-shirt to express these feelings, but I definitely share in the sentiment! So I woke up this morning still stewing about those folks who wanted to talk business last night during the Seder meal.

Yesterday, I was all like, “I’m not going to blog because it’s Pesach and the synagogue is closed and I’m not going to turn on my computer because that’s work and I don’t have to work tomorrow so I’m not going to work tomorrow.” (And now I’m pondering my overuse of run-on sentences). And then when I woke up with this annoying chip on my shoulder, I thought “Well, you should definitely not blog about this.”

And then I went out on a quick errand this morning in the early a.m. and was so very pleasantly surprised to find out that … the sun is shining! Most of the country has been experiencing a longer than average Winter. Poor Punxsutawney Phil has been on the receiving end of a lot of complaints. Many of us in the South, who expect Winter to end in late February, were treated to some snow three days after the Spring Equinox. I prefer my temperatures in the high 80s and Summer is easily my favorite season, so this snow storm was most unwelcome. Yesterday was rainy and cold. But today, the sun is shining. Really, this weather is gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind if it were about 30 degrees warmer, but I’m going to take what I can get.

And as my attitude improves to match the lovely weather, I’m making plans to get outside and take some portraits. Because such a pretty day should not go to waste AND when you are doing the things you love, it just doesn’t seem like it’s work. And it occurred to me that this blog is quickly becoming one of those things that I love. So I turned on my computer and here I am writing this post.

As I was driving home, I was rethinking through some of the #blogExodus posts and what sticks with me is this quote from the Velveteen Rabbi:
“That’s part of the gift of the Exodus. Once we were slaves, unable to bless, unable to access blessing in our own lives or to articulate it for others. The spiritual constriction of slavery precludes blessing. But now we understand ourselves to be freed from that constriction. We are free to enter into relationship with the Holy Blessed One — to sanctify every moment of our lives — and to channel divine blessing for those we meet.”

Yes, indeed.

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying some sunshine and divine blessings too!


Chag Kasher v’Sameach!

Tonight, Jews all over the United States – all over the World – will sit down together to a Seder to celebrate the first night of Pesach.

This is unquestionably my favorite night of the year. I love this holiday. Last night, my husband and I watched Prince of Egypt, a tradition in our home to kick-off the holiday. The beautiful soundtrack really gets us excited for the Seder, particularly the Maggid section – the Telling of the Exodus Story. Tonight, my husband and I will join the congregation at the community Seder. Singing Dayenu with 100 other Jews is a particularly wonderful experience. I miss the small family gatherings of my childhood, but am thankful for the chance to celebrate with a congregation that has become like family.

If you need any help getting into the holiday spirit at the last minute, I highly recommend you check out the Velveteen Rabbi’s daily posts from the past two weeks for #blogExodus.  During these past two weeks there has been a lot of busy work getting ready for Pesach. I find that I can easily get caught up in the chaos and lose sight of why I am doing all of this hard work. #blogExodus has been a wonderful daily reminder of blessing in and of the Passover story.

Chag Sameach, everyone!