It’s Friday, y’all!

No, really it’s Thursday. However, I work Sunday through Thursday, so Thursday is the end of my work week. So in lieu of TGIF, I say TGIT! It has been a short week (I had a day off for the 1st day of Pesach), but I’m still really thankful for Thursday. Maybe I should start a series on this blog called Thankful Thursday.

Why am I so ready for the weekend? Mostly because I can’t keep eating this much matzah and butter. I have invested so much time and energy into planning and preparing delicious KFP dinners this week that I completely neglected to make breakfast or lunch for myself all week. I could have made egg salad or tuna salad or a salad-salad. But I didn’t. Nope, I just grabbed a stick of butter and a box of matzah. Who does that?! This girl! And you know what, it’s delicious. But I need to eat real food. And that unripe banana I had for breakfast doesn’t count.

Also, we have a problem with people using our street parking who are visiting nearby businesses. The police are working with us to ticket those car, while not ticketing our members who are using the parking spaces for their intended purpose.¬†This morning there is a car parked outside of our building with out-of-state plates that received a parking ticket. ¬† I have had no fewer than 10 separate conversations with 10 different individuals about this car. We are a vigilant group! Sigh …

Add to that a lot of end-of-the-month bookkeeping and I am beyond ready for 5 o’clock! Also, tonight, I will start making our favorite brisket. It takes 36 hours or so to prepare and man, oh, man is it worth every hour. Husband and I go crazy for this brisket. It should be made with a side of butternut squash over which you can pour the extra sauce. So what am I thankful for this Thursday: brisket.

Good Shabbos, everyone!