Thankful Thursday 5/30/13

It’s hard to tell if time has slowed down or sped up. Either way, I’m ready for June! Summer is easily my favorite season. I work better when I can spend an hour of every day in the sun. A good friend taught me about taking sunshine breaks and I’ve never looked back. I wait all year until it’s warm enough for a daily sunshine break. I’m well known for my love of warm weather and I now hear several different times a day from different congregants saying, “Congratulations, it’s your weather.” Thank you, Mother Nature.

I’m also thankful for marathons of the Food Network show, Chopped. I am in love with this show. It makes me think more creatively about cooking for my own family. It’s a rare show that can keep me tuning in hour after hour.

I’m thankful for this list. #10. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. Delightful

I’m thankful for lovely lunches (in the sunshine) with thoughtful mentors.

I am incredibly thankful for a long weekend spent reading Carry On, Warrior by the lovely Glennon Melton. Glennon’s writing feels like freedom. She talks about getting clean and sober and no longer having the confidence to dance at weddings. It occurs to her, watching her family and friends have fun on the dance floor that, “no one can dance for you.” Wise words, Glennon. I definitely take her writing as an invitation to live life more fully and try to do the hard things.

Lastly, and most importantly, I am thankful for all those who answer the call to serve, especially my handsome husband who leaves next month to start his career in the military.


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