My top 10 favorite blog posts from Rachel Held Evans

Just some light reading for you this Sunday. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how much I adore Christian blogger Sarah Bessey. In that post, I briefly mentioned the amazing Rachel Held Evans. A brief introduction to Ms. Evans through my 10 favorite blog posts:

1. When our interpretations differ

I was struck by how much this post resembled our Rabbi’s Dvar Torah about Bereishit.

2. Ask an Orthodox Jew

This was very eye-opening for me as I was only ever familiar with the Jewish meaning of Eshet Chayil and not other contexts for Proverbs 31.

“Joy beckons at every stage, at every high and low, at every juncture, and in every failure.”

Just fantastic.

4. Esther Actually: A Jewish Perspective, by Rabbi Rachel
I have really enjoyed her entire Esther Actually series.

5. Some Words for Christians on both sides of the Chick-fil-A War
I often send RHE’s blog posts to my husband, so when his co-workers started talking about this blog post, Jay rushed home to tell me about how this blog post had blown up on social media. It’s so great to see someone you admire have wide-spread success. It’s inspiring to see her gain traction with her reasonable approach.

6. The Gospel Coalition, sex, and subordination
“Favorite” is the wrong word for this post.

7. When grace is just a doctrine

The ultimate denial of grace, then, is not to misunderstand it theologically, but to withhold it. The minute we withhold grace because of some prejudice or fear on our part, it becomes nothing more than a doctrine.


Grace is just a doctrine when we withhold it from ourselves. 


Grace is just a doctrine when we withhold it from one another.


Grace is just a doctrine when we withhold it from the world.

8. Rachel, the Very Worst Pacifist

Because any conversation about a blog post including both RHE and Shane Claiborne is one that could go on endlessly, which is why I also love: Ask Shane Claiborne…

This one’s a two-fer:

9. 15 Reasons I Left Church

10. 15 Reasons I Returned to The Church

I hope you check out Rachel Held Evan’s blog and enjoy her writing as much as I do! She is an inspiration to all people of faith. One day, I will write a series of blog posts about her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Until then, I hope you check out her book as well!


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