Thankful Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness

It feels like we’ve been living in a season of National tragedies – Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing, just to name a few. I have been experiencing and contemplating tragedy fatigue.

Then this morning, I read this – let’s face it – completely wonderful story about a cat who found it’s way back home 6 months after it disappeared during Hurricane Sandy. And while the story warms my heart and reminds me of Homeward Bound and all sorts of wonderful things, it was this part of the story that stood out most:

Fortunately Porsche appears to be in good shape, indicating people had likely been kind to him and fed him along the way.

With all the tragedy in the world, somehow little Porsche found strangers to take care of him and feed him on his difficult path home. What a mitzvah! There is untold power in the truly random act of kindness. Mitzvah literally means “commandment” and it is no wonder that G-d commanded us to do these mitzvot. We do not even know how far-reaching an impact we can have. And while there are countless stories about random acts of bravery and kindness in the midst of national tragedies, it’s the thought of Porsche’s nameless caretakers who I will keep in mind as we face future tragedies. It’s hard to face tragedy after tragedy and to still hold tight to goodness, but it what we are called to do.

Today, I’m thankful that Porsche made it home.


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