Thankful Thursday!

I have a feeling that these posts are going to always start with me saying how thankful I am that another week is over and the weekend is here! So, you should assume that from now on  that I am thankful for Thursday. Otherwise …

I am thankful for hot pink ballet flats. Sometimes a girl needs a hot pink shoe in her life, just to spiff up things.

I am thankful for sunny days. There is a storm headed this way, but Saturday should be sunny and beautiful. I will be outside taking pictures. It will be glorious.

I am thankful for the chance to celebrate with a co-worker that received a prestigious award.

I am thankful for a best friend who, without being asked, took time away from studying for an important test to help me promote an endeavor of mine. I am blessed.

I am thankful for the Trader Joe’s employee who suggested I go home and watch this video. She was right, it’s hilarious. I am also thankful for Trader Joe’s freezer meals on those days when you just can’t find the energy to create something from scratch for dinner, even though you are wearing your hot pink ballet flats.

Good Shabbos, everyone!


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