Jews & Food (the first of many, many posts)

Food makes a lot of people crazy, so I don’t think I’m necessarily singling out my people when I say, “Food makes Jews a little crazy.” It really does.

Case in point: I walked into the synagogue kitchen this morning. Empty macaroon canisters all over the counters. On a hunch, I checked the fridge. Sure enough, the bowl of mixed fruit was still mostly full. The floors had all but been licked clean of any macaroon crumbs during the Oneg and Kiddush over the weekend, but the fruit was practically untouched. The end of Passover is in sight, but we are so starved for any good desserts that we forget to even throw away the empty macaroon canisters after so thoroughly devouring the cookies themselves. I got a good laugh out of this one. It’s a good thing to be able to laugh at our own mishegas.

Tonight, Husband and I will have brisket. Not just any brisket, tangy spiced brisket from Smitten Kitchen. It takes 36 hours to make, so making this brisket takes more forethought than I usually have for a Monday night dinner. But oh, is it going to be worth it. We serve it with some butternut squash so that you can pour the au jus over the squash. My mouth is literally salivating. Sigh …

Well, I must get to work, but I hope everyone has something delicious to eat today!

PS. The sun is still shining! Isn’t it wonderful!



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